Taso Mähar/1962

Tallinna Kunstiülikool, 1990

Tallinn Art University, 1990

Taso Mähar on sisearhitekt ja disainer, kes on eelkõige tuntud oma rafineeritud, minimalistlike interjöörilahenduste, aga ka mööbli ja valgustite kaudu. Koos arhitekt Emil Urbeliga on Mähar kavandanud eelkõige arvukalt eramaju, ühiskondlikest hoonetest väärivad ära märkimist Rocca-al-Mare kooli ning Rotermanni soolalao sisekujundus. Oma loomingus on ta püüdnud luua senisest tugevamat sidet Eesti elukeskkonna ja põhjamaise moodsa ruumikultuuri vahele.

Taso Mähar is an interior architect and a designer known foremost for his refined, minimalist interior solutions, but also for his furniture and lighting. Together with architect Emil Urbel, Mähar has designed primarily an abundance of private dwellings, while remarkable interior solutions for public buildings include the Rocca-al-Mare School and the Rotermann Salt Storage, both in Tallinn. Through his works, he has endeavoured to establish a stronger connection between the Estonian living environment and modern Nordic spatial culture.

Interview. Taso Mähar (excerpts)


We work from the inside out. Architects tend to look at the exterior views. So we keep arguing with them.

People try to beat other people’s houses. Take last week – we went to Rakvere. Somebody recently called Rakvere “the town of architecture.” Everybody there tries to put on all the bells and whistles they can (which don’t really work) and build a house that is as fancy and bizarre as possible. Back in the old days – not the best of expressions, but still – people considered us an example of calm, modest design with Finnish and Nordic influences. Now, if you open one of those colourful magazines that report on what we do here, then it is quite horrifying to see where we are headed. Towards the east, possibly. A complete brawl.

Rõude kabel, diplomitöö, 1990, juhendaja Ü. Peil, interjööri perspektiivvaade

Rõude Chapel, graduate project, 1990, supervisor Ü. Peil, interior perspective view

Rõude kabel, diplomitöö, 1990, juhendaja Ü. Peil, sisustus

Rõude Chapel, graduate project, 1990, supervisor Ü. Peil, furnishings

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